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If you are reading this, you probably have goals that you desire to see accomplished that you haven’t yet achieved. You also may be in search of an answer to this conflict. What is it that is stopping you from reaching your God given potential? I will tell you! I have discovered what I call 3 D’s that every person on their journey to success either has or will encounter. These things can be subtle yet overwhelming, fortunately you have the power to overcome.

1. Distractions

Family, friends, financial hardships, disappointments and unexpected tragedies. All of these things hinder you while on the road to success. It is important for you not to become a prisoner to the distraction itself. It’s okay to address the conflict but it is essential to stay focused on your goal even while you’re working through the situation. Do not allow situations to overtake you to the point where your goals become non-existent or second best to your problems.

2. Doubt

It is not uncommon to experience lack of faith in yourself and your dreams every now and again. Often times this discouragement comes from not seeing results fast enough, negativity from others or disbelief in one’s self. When faced with doubt, whether brought upon by yourself or others, you have got to keep in mind this very important thing. If YOU don’t believe in your goals, no one else will. While it is easy to fall subject to doubt, you must not allow it to kill your dreams. Believe in yourself and trust in the Lord to bring you through. Don’t give up and don’t give in. Stay focused!

3. Debt

Does the idea of investment scare you? If you answered yes then you are not ready for your path to success. Anything worth having is worth risking for. I’m not saying that you should give EVERYTHING you have and neglect your other responsibilities but I am saying that if you aren’t willing to commit financially to yourself, you shouldn’t expect anyone else to!

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Greatness knows no limits,

-Dr. John Wynn

President & CEO

Dr. John Wynn & Associates