company overviw pic.png - CopyDr. John Wynn & Associates™ is a leadership consulting company specializing in corporate training, youth and adult education and international ministry.

Dr. John Wynn & Associates™ offers keynotes, workshops, seminars, 16-week semester courses, mentoring and consulting based on the leadership curriculum developed by Dr. Wynn that was first introduced to the Washoe County School District in 2011.

Dr. John Wynn & Associates™ purpose is to significantly and meaningfully improve the lives of clients including but not limited to:

1. Working with corporations, school districts and local communities to identify, mentor and develop programs and training that will lead clients towards success and self- sufficiency;

2. Collaborate with corporations, school districts and local communities to identify social and educational needs and provide clients with tools to become self-sustaining, self-supporting and self-reliant;

3. Coordinate efforts throughout the communities so as to avoid duplication, plan and evaluate both long and short-range strategies for improving lives of clients and serve as an advocate for them promoting desirable changes inclusive of education.