Reno Police Department

Dr. John Wynn & Associates™ partnered with the Chief of Police, Steven Pitts and the Reno Police Department in 2010.  After the partnership was formed, the Greater Harvest Church and the Reno Police Department began doing a great united work in the community.

The Reno Police Department and the City of Reno joined Dr. Wynn in adopting schools and families to provide hundreds of bags of groceries for students who are less fortunate in our community.

Day of Fun

The Greater Harvest Church and New Beginnings Church joined the effort to host a joint community event in which over 500 men, woman and children received a cooked meal. 

Not only did these families receive a meal, they received free clothes and shoes, food to take home, free bread donated by Entenmann’s Bakery, as well as milk and dairy products that were donated by Model Dairy.

Thanksgiving Food Drive

Dr. Wynn was Principle for a day at Echo Loder elementary school in Reno, Nevada. Dr. Wynn is Pictured with the Principle Dina Ciaramella. The Greater Harvest and New Believers Church adopted this school and donated food to 200 families.

Christmas Gift-Giveaway